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Off-road legend

       This site is dedicated to GAZ-69 - an army truck that was in production in USSR from 1953 through 1972 year. Originally it was manufactured in 3D modelGorky but after the 1956 the production was transferred to Ulyanovsk and the vehicle was renamed to UAZ-69. Total of more than 600 000 units were built, including different variants, main of which were GAZ-69 (2-door, 8-seat) and GAZ-69A (4-door, 5-seat). GAZ-69 vehicles (the other name for them was "Truzhenik" - "Toiler") were exported into 56 countries and got the reputation of being reliable and hardy. Many of them are still in use in Russia and other countries.

      GAZ-69 attracted me by the unique combination of features: truck, retro-convertible and a base My "Gazon" for implementing my own ideas (I hope that the pure restoration enthusiasts won't blame me too hard). I dreamed about purchasing it for a long time and the dream came true in late 1999. My "gazon" was built in 1963. Almost forty years of intensive use didn't make it any healthier, so it will take a lot of labor to get my "Toiler" really off-road capable again. Any results will be reported.

Victor Kukhtevich,
Moscow, Russia

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